Pain free with Pilates – Don't let your pain define you!

Do you suffer from any of these?

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If one or more of these issues affect you, we recommend Pilates for you!


This book includes tons of useful tips and 34 classical Pilates exercises to help you eliminate pain and achieve a healthy mind and body. Each exercise comes with an illustration to get a better understanding of Pilates.

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About me

don't let your pain define you!

My name is Mehret Hope, I founded Hope Pilates, based in the heart of South London, in May 2010. I teach a variety of classes such as Mat and Reformer Pilates and Yoga, specialising in footwork and WRULDs (Work Related Upper Limb Disorders) injuries. Having being diagnosed with Hypermobility, whilst also suffering from a work related injury, My own first hand experience of chronic pain has evolved my teaching methods to focus more on rehabilitation work and ‘real life’ mental and physical health problems. I qualified in CBT for Chronic Pain while working side by side with physiotherapists at Camden Physiotherapy and receiving mentoring from leading Hypermobility consultants and specialists. And so I began my mission to educate and empower others to transform their lives, just as I did. What started with Pilates classes, soon evolved to incorporate other beneficial treatments such as the Pain Clinic, yoga, massage, dance and the newly offered Teacher Training. Having opened my own studio in SW2, my book was published to reach out to those who weren’t able to come or unable to offer the classes.